Friday, 3 July 2015

Steam Age

My Nephew-in-law loves trains, so I thought it would be fun to make him a train themed Birthday card. I went a bit to town given it is interactive and a shaker card too. I used the Tim Holtz stamps which were really good as you could circle the date on the ticket which was of course his birthday. This is my first attempt at either an interactive or a shaker card. I have a fair few projects on the go so haven't been making many cards - I am working on a crochet blanket that needs 195 pieces so that has been taking most of my craft time. 



White CardSotck
Cream Cardstock
Black Cardstorck
Watercolour Paper


Stamper's Anonymous - On The Railroad


Versafine - Onyx Black
Distress - Pine Needles
Distress - Vintage Photo
Distress - Fired Brick


Sakura Stardust - Silver
Sakura Stardust - Brass


Hobbycraft Fun Foam
Die Cutting Machine
Circle Dies
White Card
5 pence piece
Table Sprinkles - Black
Stix2 - White Beads


1. Stamp the train onto watercolour paper using the versafine black ink and allow to dry before colouring using water pens with the distress inks (pine needles for the engine, fired brick for the cab and vintage photo for the track) when dry add the brass effects using the Sakura stardust pen

2. Stamp two sets of the track onto white cardstock using the versafine and allow to dry, then colour using water pens and the vintage photo, use the sakura stardust silver pen.

3. On the cream card stock print 2 tickets and circle the date of your choice.

4. Print the background of your choice (I chose an old map from 1855) TWICE

5. Matt the black Cardstock on to the card blank and then matt one of the backgrounds onto the black cardstock.

6. Using the same circle die cut a circle out of fun foam (you want the frame rather than the circle), trim the edges so that none pokes outside the edge of your background.

7. Using a circle die cut, cut a circle in the top right - align the cut background and the one on the card and draw around the circle - place the foam frame around this circle on the background on the card.

8. Stick acetate to the back of the background with the circle cut from it.

9. On the circle cut background layout your track which you have fussy cut and work out where to put the cut into the card so that the train will move along the track, make the cut smaller than the diameter of a 5 pence piece. Trace the cut onto the background on the card.

10. Place a 5 pence piece on the background on the card where the pencil marks from the cut are - create a foma frame to hold the 5 pence piece in the "track" - remember the frame will be bigger than the pencil cut as it has to fit the 5 pence - the top piece is smaller to hold the 5p in place.

11. Place fun foam at the corners.

12. Put the stamped tickets and some sprinkles into the circle foam frame on the card and put the 5 pence piece in it's track.

13. Overlay and match the top background gluing it in place

14. With a decoupage foam pad, stick this on top of the 5 pence piece and then adhere the train to the 5 decoupage pad.